music we'd like to hear

three concerts on three wednesdays curated by three composers


© tim parkinson
mwlth commission***
world premiere**
uk premiere*
'it truly was music we (the audience) loved to hear'

sound expanse 2013
this edition supported by the RVW Trust and the Hinrichsen, Holst and Britten-Pears Foundations
© 2005 -
music we'd like to hear
tim parkinson


29 june

markus trunk
böotische riten (2005)
thomas stiegler
sonata facile* (1993)
paul whitty
the lure of salvage (2001)
michael parsons
from 'of the unmaking' (2005)
christian wolff
keyboard miscellany (1988-97)
robert wannamaker
violin* (2001)
john white
sonata no 143 (2004)
markus trunk


6 july

tom johnson
mersenne numbers (1988)
kunsu shim
nackt-musik* (1990)
paul newland
figure and ground (2001)
alastair bannerman
the sound between*** (2005)
alvin lucier
music for piano with slow sweep pure wave oscillators (1993)
john lely


13 july

antoine beuger
jankelevitch sextets* (2004)
john white
c major machine (1971)
cornelius cardew
schooltime compositions (1968)
angharad davies
tim parkinson
alastair bannerman
john lely
tim parkinson
buruk, with guests:
catherine kontz
john stephen
rhodri davies
markus trunk
laurence crane
john white
7:30 church of st anne & st agnes
£7 (£5)
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I    29 june 2005

II   6 july 2005


church of st anne & st agnes
gresham street
london ec2v 7bx

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