music we'd like to hear

three concerts on three wednesdays curated by three composers


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'For the happy few who have noticed it, Music We'd Like To Hear is already proving an oasis of thoughtful and idealistic music-making amongst the self-serving glamour-fests that generate the most noise on London's new music scene.'

Tempo, October 2012
this edition supported by the Holst Foundation
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music we'd like to hear
markus trunk


4 july

piano duet relay

tom johnson
symmetries (1990)
christian wolff
duet (I) (1962)
kunsu shim
zu•sammen (2011)
laurence crane
piano duets (1990-91)
hilary robinson
satumaa (2012)
catherine kontz
oooh! (2012)
john lely
arrangement (2012)
tim parkinson


11 july


pat allison
cha-cha(anoga) (2011)
joseph kudirka
british creepy crawlies (2007/9)
kunsu shim
happy for no reason (2000)
jürg frey
un champ de tendresse parseme d'adieux (2011)
manfred werder
tim parkinson
song for many (2011)
taylan susam
for maaike schoorel (2009)
michael pisaro
fields have ears 4 (2009)
john lely


18 july

opus 17a
by hanne darboven (1984)
michael parsons
hilary robinson
mark knoop
philip thomas
catherine kontz
kerry yong
claudia molitor
edges ensemble
michael duch, double bass
7:30 church of st anne & st agnes
£9 (£6)
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I    4 june 2012

II   11 july 2012



church of st anne & st agnes
gresham street
london ec2v 7bx

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st pauls - central line
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